Celebrating Poets – Zaynab

She is not just a poet but a poem in herself… a lovely lady with a beautiful heart, I always love to connect with her.

Zaynab… you can read her poetry here. Meanwhile, enjoy this gem of hope from her pen.



Celebrating Poets – J Sweptson

Some people are admired in silence…the fascination for them doesn’t dimish for the lack of words… especially when they are admired for their words!

The Silent Troubadour… a poet I quietly read on Tumblr often, and his words always hold me in their embrace. I hope you will enjoy my choice of his poem for today.

Celebrating Poets – Christopher Seiffert

In the rough and tumble of life, there are always some bright spots that fill our souls with gladness. Poetry is one such blessing that brings beauty into our lives.

Today, I choose a poet who is one such beautiful person… someone whose words are always a pleasure to read. Though I haven’t been too much in touch with his poetry these days, life just gets too busy at times and days not long enough to do everything one wishes for, I keep visiting his page whenever I get a chance. His poetry calls out, and that pull cannot be ignored.

Christopher Seiffert… perhaps better known as Lion In The Stars… you can find his work on Instagram, Twitter and his website.

The poem of choice for today is something that would make you look forward to the blessings of a new day. Do visit his pages and let him know you appreciate his work by saying a few words to him here.


Celebrating Poets – I SEE THE STARS IN YOU (a tribute to poets of Google Plus)

A very Happy Easter to you all! May the Risen Lord bring many blessings, peace and joy in your life.

Are enjoying your egg hunt? Hey! I’m a good egg too… and poetic as well… I hope someone is looking for me 😜

Easter eggs decorated as people
Happy Easter Day!

This day is blessed and very special, so I decided to dedicate today to all the poets who were my friends, and inspiration when I first came online with a blog called A Gypsy At Heart. It was not a poetry blog but more of inspirational and motivational write-ups with a couple of poems thrown in at times. Slowly, I began to build up a following on Google plus, and came into contact with some wonderful poets… it was perhaps destiny that I eventually began to write poetry as the chosen way of spilling my soul. That blog is still online to read though I do not add to it anymore.

I have come a long way from that day in the last week of April 2014 when I became Manic Sylph to send my first words out into the online world, and I am grateful and indebted to all those wonderful people who taught me so much, who stood by me in good times and bad, and many became lifelong friends.

Alas, with the end of Google Plus on 2nd April, as one of my favourite people on G+ put it, an era came to an end. Many of those poets have gone on to various other social networks, but the beautiful circle has been broken and there are many who have chosen to bow out without a trace. I dedicate today’s post on Celebrating Poets to all those awesome dream weavers and rhyme makers who make the world a better place just by being in it.

For today… a poem that I wrote for my best friend on G+ that I now dedicate to all the poets of Google Plus. I hope you enjoy this old one. This is not my best effort but has a lot of beautiful memories attached to it. I send all my best wishes to them, wherever they are…

Poem by Mona Soorma aka Manic Sylph written on backround of night sky
I See The Stars In You



#Google Plus


Image of Easter Eggs by Iva Balk from Pixabay 


Celebrating Poets – Erin Hanson

One for the weekend…

This is a poet I discovered a couple of years ago, and I instantly fell in love with this young girl’s writing. The freshness of her thought and her lyrical poetry fascinates me.

Erin Hanson, also known as e.h can be found at her blog “The Poetic Underground“, her facebook page and Instagram

Enjoy my choice for today and have a wonderful weekend!


Celebrating Poets – J K Salmon

“One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.” —Charles Baudelaire

Ah! Well, poetry is my chosen poison… so let me make my choice for today.

J K Salmon… or perhaps, you know him better as NorthPoet. A romantic, a dreamer and a poetry maker, his work is like a fairy tale, something I keep going back to again and again. You can reach him on his Twitter page or buy his books on Amazon.

Today, I bring to you his poem Immortal Roses… enjoy his work!

Celebrating Poets – Janey M

Hi dear friends!

Thank you very much for showing your love to these awesome poets this Poetry Month. Do tell me about your favourite poets too, let’s share the love forward and let poetry claim our souls! I am keeping my eyes peeled for your comments…

Some people are just perfect! And so is this poet who writes as beautifully as she presents her posts. It is easy to fall in love with her words. There’s so much to read on her page, but because I have to choose only one, I chose this treasure from her collection.

We have all heard broken is beautiful…but I have yet to see it being written so beautifully!!

Janey M…meet her on her Instagram page and let her poetry flow over you…

View this post on Instagram

Broken is Beautiful ✨💖

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Celebrating Poets – Ivor Steven

We all have heard about poetry being the window to one’s soul… in this case, it is definitely true. This poet has always touched my heart with his often anecdotal poetry and his honesty of thought and emotion that shines through.

Ivor Steven… the poem I have chosen is full of some beautiful word-pictures. I hope you will enjoy reading it. For more, head to his blog and let your heart be touched…


via Time Off, Time’s Awry

Time Off, But Time’s Awry

Last night I awoke in a pool of blood

Surviving Noah’s great flood

There was no bleeding horse head

It wasn’t a dream, I wasn’t dead

The nightlight died instead

A dark shadow engulfed my bed

Sheets of oozy dripping threads

A deep flowing red

From where, I do dread

Petrified, motionless I’m spread

The hole in my heart is dry

Fearful tears of crystal white I cry

My bloodshot eyes are weeping, time’s awry

Puddles of gore descend from the Boar’s sty

Visions of devils and angels pass my eyes

I’m not ready to say my goodbyes

Am I suddenly being nailed to the cross to die

Or is it, that cupids’ arrow in my thigh

Ivor Steven (c)  2019


Celebrating Poets – Nasreen Malik

Today is a happy day… just because! It is raining and a respite from the heat and the cool, cool breeze does make the heart smile.

And of course, it’s time for some more poetry. The poet for today is this sweet lady who had been with me on Google plus for a very long time…those lovely days that are a part of history now, but I am glad I am still in touch with her.

Nasreen Malik… read her wonderful poetry on Instagram, and I’m sure you will love her too! Most of her poems are full of love and joy, but today, I choose one of her darker pieces because this one speaks of the incredulity, hurt and anger felt by so many of us at some point in our lives. Do write to her in the comments and visit her page for more.

Hateful moments

I loved him dearly
A deep Passion l had for him

In matrimony he was my divine God
My beginning and ending to this Life

My joy and Ecastasy 
My future was with him so l thought

One fine night he walks home 
Totally drunk

Grabbing me by the neck
His Red blood shot Eyes

Peering into mine
Scared as hell l got

Ohhh dear Lord
What’s this…!? Is this the turning point of my life
My Twins terrified

Tugging at my clothes
Mommy… Mommy….!!! What’s wrong with daddy
Hurriedly sending them into their bedroom

My thoughts running wild
I must grab a hold to myself ‘Darling why are you drunk’…l questioned 
Turning around he knocks me on the floor

Nose bleeding and my right cheek burning with Pain
Dear God…!!! I can’t take this… What was once a happy family
My Man had turned into a Monster

Taking hold of the situation
Grabbing my kids late night

I run out forever
Leaving him asleep on the couch

Feeling broken
Endless Tears running down my cheeks 
Never to return to this hell
All my dreams shattered and to start a new Life

Copyright ~Nasreen Malik 2018


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