A fighter never gives up. His scars are his ornaments. He may never be whole, yet he’s bigger than all his battles, and beautiful, even in his brokenness.”

-Mona Soorma

  From Soul Food And Instant Karma

“How it hurts to see you
Achingly beyond my craving touch!
Perhaps, that’s the agony
Of a bird with a broken wing
The world seemingly at her feet
Yet not;
And nary a song to sing

-Mona Soorma

From Unrequited

“We are the fluid gyrations of birthing stars, beautiful explosions in motion, coruscating with all the love that we brought from the outer edges of the cosmos, and it whirls wildly, madly, in the centre of our beings…”

-Mona Soorma

  From You Make Me Spill My Ink



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