Poems Without Words

Hey! It’s a glorious morning, a little bit of sun, a few clouds… and it’s #WorldPhotographyDay!

And why do I love this day? Because I love to take pictures. Yes, that is another one of my favourite things to do. Thank God for the great phone cameras, at least I don’t miss my camera at the sight of every flower, wild mushroom and a dog lolling his tongue! Well, I do miss it, but the intensity is not too bad.

Isn’t it said that pictures are worth a thousand words? I agree.

When I am not writing poetry, I am creating poems without words with my camera.

Rain falling on leaves
Drops Of Heaven

This day finally gave me the push to restart my old photography blog called “Focal Blurs”, now renamed Manic Sylph Photography and once again visit my account at National Geographic. I did like the old name better but I felt that it wasn’t very easy for people to realise what the blog was about from just the name. We win some and lose some, sigh!

I would love to post pictures more often, but time always runs faster than I can. I don’t know how long I will be able to keep to some kind of a posting schedule, but I am tentatively committed to posting when I can. Hopefully! Fingers crossed…

Do have a look, I’m sure you will enjoy a few light moments with me and my camera.

Have a wonderful new week ahead!


POEMITAS: A book of short poems, a celebration of my journey online

It is five years since I came online!

Five long years… five short years… and it has not been all poetry. A lot has happened since that day when I was going through a lean phase and my daughter told me, “You need to start a blog and touch lives”. That somehow felt like the direction I had been waiting for all my life. And so began my meandering journey…

I had never been on any social media though I knew of them, and I didn’t really know what a blog was. So I began to search Google, learnt about blogs, about social media, and lots of other stuff in between. I was not ready to open up to the world and I decided to adopt a pen name. A long search and introspection later Manic Sylph was born- an oxymoron like me and an expression of what I was without saying who.

Something told me to dream big and I joined all the major social media platforms, though I hardly knew what to do with any of them, and started writing my first blog called A Gypsy At Heart. I soon realised that I needed a social media platform to promote the blog and made Google Plus my home. A bit of poetry began to come up in my writing and with the encouragement of a few poet friends, I eventually gravitated to writing poetry as my preferred form of expression. One by one, I started learning the ropes of the various social platforms and spread my wings, and here I am now, this website here my latest baby.

All this still seems like a dream at times, a beautiful dream that I never want to wake up from. This would never have been possible without the support and love I was given by the online community. I have found hundreds of lovely people here, some have become friends for a lifetime, hopefully. And what better way to thank each beautiful heart and soul than with something that I consider a part of me…my poetry!

Book Cover of ebook POEMITAS by Mona Soorma
POEMITAS: A collection of short poems

As a special gift for my wonderful online family, I have compiled some of my short poems into an eBook called POEMITAS. Well, 130 poems to be exact, some of them have been posted online, some not, but all of them a labour of my love. This book is not for sale anywhere and is meant exclusively as a free gift for you, my readers and friends on my website and other social pages. If my words can find a home in your hearts, it would be a gift that I would cherish.

You can get your copy of POEMITAS here. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Don’t forget to get back to me and tell me all about it! I’m looking forward to hearing from you…

Happy Father’s Day

“I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.”
― Umberto Eco, Foucault’s Pendulum

Moment by moment, day by day, they are the ones who help us build our lives. They are the heroes every little heart wants to be like when they grow up. Nothing can beat the love of a dad.

Father holding the hand of a child
Happy Father’s Day

In today world with families growing smaller, a dad is the one who holds everything together, who at times becomes a mom too, and a friend, and an older brother when need be… We can never ever repay our parents for all the love and care they give us.

While moms are often applauded for their sacrifices, dads sometimes remain unsung for their quiet support. I can still hear the voice of my dad telling me all about the planets and the stars, they used to be my favourite stories. Now they are just memories, but they are precious ones, and this father’s day, I would like to tell every dad, “You are the stars in the skies of the little hearts who love you so much, and will remain so forever, even when the hearts grow older”.

Happy Father’s Day to every dad on earth and heaven. We love you so much!


Photo by Julie Johnson on Unsplash



Hello lovely people!

Before I say anything else… a huge “thank-you” to all of you for being my wonderful support system, for reading my work even when I am absent, which keeps happening more often than I would like! However, freelance work does tend to make my schedule very irregular. And that is how it is, and it can’t be helped, but it is definitely very comforting to always come back to all the lovely comments. It feels like home.

Whatever I may be doing, or not doing, one thing never changes and that is the capacity of my brain to always be working overtime! And this time, my newest effort comes in the form of another Special Feature– Writer Interviews.

Titled CANDID CONVERSATIONS, they are rather informal chat sessions with poets and writers to get to know them better as people, to peek behind their words and see what makes them flow.

A woman interviewing a man
CANDID CONVERSATIONS – Heart-to-heart chats with writers and poets

The catch? (How can there not be one!) They were supposed to be regular written interviews until I got the great idea of taking a poll on Twitter and Instagram. The result- an overwhelming majority voted in favour of video interviews. That threw me in at the deep end. Well, I do swim, but it just takes longer than to run on the dry surface…and now I am babbling! Whatever. I decided to go with the poll and convert at least some of the interviews into video conversations.

And here is where there were more than a few potholes. It became a lot easier for the writers to just speak instead of writing out their answers, but I have to worry about the fact that I am in no way an adequate interviewer, about the way less than studio-level voice quality, and the creation of a good-looking final effort. So I had to pack my reticence in a bag and record the chat, which I finally did and fretted and fumed over the echoes and screeches and unstable images that I had.

In the end, I finally accepted that I am no Jimmy Kimmel and I don’t own Disney Studios and I am here only to share my conversation you and hope you will enjoy getting to know more about these beautiful creative people and their life and work. So here I am, trying to put together my first couple of conversations and hope my imperfection would be just that tiny bit perfect enough to get by!

Hoping to post my first episode of CANDID CONVERSATIONS sometime next week, and crossing my fingers… Stay tuned.


Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

To Mom With Love

“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.”

-Barbara Kingsolver

Mother- She is the first interaction of a child with the world. She is the nurturing force of this universe. Yet, in our race to find ourselves, we often forget the one who gave us birth.

Being a mom is the toughest job in the world. And bringing up the child is perhaps the easy part. The joy of watching her now grown-up child go out into the world is mixed with the sadness of loss, a void that nothing can ever fill. Still, she always supports her child in every way she can. I belong to that tribe…I know!

a mother's love

But do we make an effort to understand how she feels? This is a question we need to address. Put yourselves in her shoes and see…

There’s no love greater than the love of a mother. She deserves to be made to feel special every day of her life for all her silent sacrifices and tireless caring. At times, we walk so far away from our loved ones that we don’t know how to reach out to them anymore. Perhaps, that is why these days were created… the perfect opening to bridge that gap…

Let us begin today, show her that we care… all it takes is a moment to call her, or at least send a message, buy her something that she would treasure… it takes just a moment to let her know she is special!

The best tribute we can give our moms is to give back all that love to the world by being a loving mother to our own children. Keep the ball rolling…

And to all the uncelebrated supermoms, all I want to say is this…

Don’t wait for someone else to make you feel special.


Celebrate yourself lovely ladies,

for you are the driving force of this world.

Happy Mother’s Day!

From me to all of you, a beautiful song to celebrate moms…


eyes untamed

yet full of love

each step

sheer poetry in motion

we walk the same sand

you and I

share the same sky

then why should one be

lesser than the other?

© Mona Soorma

~to all life’s creation on

There are so many ways in which we can help reduce our negative impact on the earth. Little things like reducing wastage of resources, to plantation drives, to helping animals in distress…every action counts. No contribution is too small. And if we can do nothing else, we can at least use our pen to increase awareness. Let’s do our bit for this awesome planet.

Happy Women’s Day

What can a poet do but write more poetry for anything and everything under the sun!

It is Women’s Day today, and I decided to open the doors to the heart of a woman. Take a peek… I’m sure you will enjoy it.

We Are Human And We Are Enough

a woman in a red coat holding a black umbrella

“A woman is human.
She is not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, more creative, or more responsible than a man.
Likewise, she is never less.
Equality is a given.
A woman is human.” 
― Vera Nazarian

Cheers to women!!

Yes, we are human. We are equals, no less or more than anyone else.

It is sad that women in large parts of the world are still made to feel inferior because they are born women. God did not intend to make either sex inferior, or superior. He just made us different. It is we, who have created these divides. On the other hand, I do not agree with the superiority complex that some people have, either, whether they are men or women.

Don’t use your gender as a crutch to prove your excellence. Make the effort to go that extra mile. Do not pull down someone else to make yourself look taller. That victory is transient, at best.

I wish to see a world where we do not need the words ‘better’ or ‘worse’, where we are all happy to have our own place under the sun, and happy to let other’s have theirs. It is up to us to create that world.

We can’t wait for change to arrive. We can’t wait for someone else to change the world. We don’t have enough time in our lives for that. We have to be that someone, that agent of change, that beginning. We have to take the first step, however tiny and chart a new course. We have to create a world where no Women’s Day will be needed to celebrate our own selves.

What better day to begin, than today!

As women, let us be not better, or worse, but ourselves, beautiful in our own convictions, confident in our own capabilities and at peace with who we are. As women, let us not be silent at injustice but learn to stand up for our rights, and stand beside others in their hour of need. As women, let us smile, and shine, without apology. As women, let us always remember that we are enough.



Image by ractapopulous on Pixabay 


Hi beautiful people!

I have been missing from action for the last few days, that is, I have not been reading much of anything or interacting with you all. Did you miss me? I sure missed you. But I have not been idle. I have been working behind the scenes.

Oh yes! I have been tinkering with my website. Again. And doing things to my Pinterest. I don’t seem to have the ability to sit still, I guess, change being the only constant in life and all that.

Flowers with text quote about spring fever by Mark Twain


Beginning this week, there will be a new writer’s resource category which will have a word power section on Wednesdays and a writing prompt section on Fridays as a regular feature. I will also be posting and/or reblogging on any other relevant and interesting topics that I find. I hope you will enjoy the new additions.

Do write in with your suggestions and ideas to me and I will try and incorporate them as far as possible. Meanwhile, I will try and get to all the lovely blog posts that I have missed.

Be inspired and happy writing!




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