Poem Of The Day (21st February 2019)


It was
A golden web of words
A song that made me sway…

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POETRY REVIEW: Cherry Blossom Days by Sandy Benitez

Title:                Cherry Blossom Days                                    Cherry Blossom days

Author:            Sandy Benitez

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About The Author 

Sandy Benitez writes poetry and short fiction. She is the founding editor of Flutter Press and Poppy Road Review. Her previous poetry micro-chapbook, The Lilac City, was published by Origami Poems Project. She’s been published in over 140 print and online literary journals since 2006 and has been nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart. Sandy has also authored five poetry chapbooks and has been published in five anthologies. She’s always been intrigued by the paranormal, forests, gardens, and abandoned buildings. Sandy currently resides in Southern California with her husband and two children.


Book Blurb

Cherry Blossom Days, by Sandy Benitez, is a collection of lyrical love poems; a love story that unfolds within the season of Spring infused with memories of the Pacific Northwest and Asian imagery.


The Review

Cherry Blossom Days is a beautiful love story written in soft, lyrical poems that do not fail to touch hearts even after many readings.

The journey of love has been documented through the use of imagery of nature. The theme of seasons and plants in various stages of their growth runs through the entire book. The poems talk of love being born, the difficulties that the couple goes through together, of waiting and meeting, and of the insecurities that, at times, live in the hearts of lovers. The lovely scenes created by the poet make them come alive in our minds and leaves the reader with a sense of gentle contentment.

The book is full of lovely metaphors and images of nature at its most beautiful, even in its decline. My personal favourite is the second poem of the book, “The Path of a Pearl.”

Cherry Blossom Days has both short and slightly longer love poems interspersed by Haikus. The tone of the book is conversational, and the poems lyrical. At a couple of places, I felt that the poems have been broken into paragraphs that serve no purpose greater than structure, but the book, otherwise, is almost perfect in its content and presentation.

An easy read, with gentle and loving poetry, the book has a very Asian feel to it in its imagery, but the emotions woven through it are timeless and pure. I would recommend this for a short, feel-good, weekend read that would surely bring a smile to your lips.



The seas are silent too…

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Drown me
in your scents
for eternity…

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“It has been said that art is a tryst;
for in the joy of it, maker and beholder meet.”
― Kojiro Tomita

Poetry is a very personal thing. It becomes a thing of beauty only in the eyes of the beholder. No two eyes see the same thing in the same way, and that is true for art as well. What I like might not touch your heart at all and I might be totally indifferent to what makes your heart sing.

So, what is good poetry?

Now, here is the catch. Most people, when asked to name their favourite artist, poet, writer, will always spout the names that sound like the latest edition of “who is who”. Are we scared to show our own choices to the world? Do we even have our own choices? Why do we assume that the writings that have been labelled as “classics” are the only ones we should quote? Does a poet become admirable a hundred years after he passed away? Does not publishing your poem in paperback by a big publishing house make it unworthy?

While reviewing a poetry book by Mark Kloss, I read this on his website that got me thinking.

Why when a book is made up of our favourite poems are the majority made up from ages past? Why when asked to remember your favourite poem do you mostly think of an earlier classic? 
Mark Kloss

Since then, I have been wanting to put these question to the world to answer. I want to ask you what, in your opinion, makes a poem worthy of your love and attention. I want to know if there’s a criterion that a poem must pass to be able to touch your heart.

Love classics, by all means. They are great works of art that have been a source of joy for millions over the years. But give all art its due, be it poetry, painting, stories, photography, or any other form of creative expression. judge a poem by how it makes you feel, not by the name inscribed at the bottom.

For me, the greatest impact on my life and poetry has been by some of the poets I have read online. I love Maya Angelou and William Wordsworth and Pablo Neruda, but I love Ink Stitution, Joe Barca, Fiery, Erin Hanson and Darren Wilson more. My favourite stories come from Robin Cook and Scott Wood. I accept that I would prefer to read Owain Glyn’s book more than Lord Byron’s because that is more my cup of tea. This list is not exhaustive, neither is this a shout-out post. I am not naming my friends. In fact, most of the ones I have named don’t read my blog and will never know about it, and that’s how I want it. Consider it more like-
“Did you listen to the latest song by LP? It is fabulous!”
“No, but I will today. Thanks for letting me know.”

So tell me who your favourite poets and writers are. Name the well known, or the unknown, or mix up the two, but be honest about it. Or talk about your favourite poem. Let us honour the words that have touched our hearts, no holds barred!

To all my favourite poets online

I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz,
or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.
I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
Pablo Neruda




Your touch eludes me
Yet a warmth fills my mind…

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You Make Me Spill My Ink

She asked me if she could use my title for a poem, and what a poem she wrote! It is so beautiful to be able to inspire such works of art. Thank you, Fiery, for adding your amazing craftsmanship to my words.

Silently Smouldering Words

Say too much? I prob’ly do

Or not enough? I do that too.

Too many Love Yous?

That’s my way.

Still though, I stifle what I say. 

Floodgates open, out they pour

My words t’wards you

They’ve stained the floor

You think you know? 

My Love…you don’t

Reveal My All right now? I won’t…

My verses seek to stroke your mind

These Head Screams cry ’til you they find. 

My lips like bitten fruit they bleed

But fail to vocalise my need

With scarlet drops of secrets kept

I write the rhymes my past pain wept  

And so to pen and paper dreams

I scribble Love and Want.  It seems

This stream of endless poetry

A semblance of your Perfect Me

And Sorry I will never say

This part of me I hide away

For fear of blinding you with light

As Truth and Fear my Heart/Soul fight.

Yet tenderness…

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THE TOP SPOT an’ I’m Lovin’ it!

I’m on the top of the world la la lalala lalalala…

Remember this beautiful oldie by Carpenters? I love that song, but that’s not the only reason why I am singing it. My book “Breathless” came up for pre-order a few days ago, ready to be launched on 21st January.

“Breathless” was supposed to be my first book, but something kept coming up, and it ended up being my fifth. Perhaps it was prudently waiting for the right time, while I was foolishly trying to hurry it up because it seems it had its own ideas about being the first. YES! Soon after it showed up on Amazon, it went straight to the #1 New Release spot and it is still sitting pretty on its throne, wearing a tangerine sash…I am delirious with joy and a million other feelings!!

Screenshot of the book Breathless showing #1New Release tag on Amazon

I am grateful to God for giving me this very beautiful New Year’s gift, and my heartfelt thanks to all my supporters, readers and followers who made this happen.

Love you all!

You can preorder “Breathless” now on Amazon and Google Play at a fabulous discounted price. Paperback version will be launched on 21st January along with the delivery of the pre-order eBook.

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