Celebrating Poets – Christopher Seiffert

In the rough and tumble of life, there are always some bright spots that fill our souls with gladness. Poetry is one such blessing that brings beauty into our lives.

Today, I choose a poet who is one such beautiful person… someone whose words are always a pleasure to read. Though I haven’t been too much in touch with his poetry these days, life just gets too busy at times and days not long enough to do everything one wishes for, I keep visiting his page whenever I get a chance. His poetry calls out, and that pull cannot be ignored.

Christopher Seiffert… perhaps better known as Lion In The Stars… you can find his work on Instagram, Twitter and his website.

The poem of choice for today is something that would make you look forward to the blessings of a new day. Do visit his pages and let him know you appreciate his work by saying a few words to him here.

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{Caption Piece} . . Pain filled soliloquies Reflections of intentions Meant to destroy my dreams The damage of internal dialogue Now gone with a simple feeling The words of hate, erased Nothing but Love fills this space Between my heart and mind As my soul overflows with gratitude Leaving the past behind Blessings of a new day @lion.in.the.stars . . Each day is a clean slate. A new chance to grow and step closer to the life you were born to live. Let go of the self-doubt. It truly is beneath you. Shine your light bright in the sky and let others know it’s ok to shine too ✨✨✨ . . Photo by Me 🦁✨ . . #blackandwhitephotography #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #writersofig #quotes #igpoets #poets #writerslife #soulmate #spilledink #photoart #wordsmith #twinflame #gratitude #higherconsciousness #quoteoftheday #mindfulness #spirituality #namaste #alchemy #raiseyourvibration #lawofattraction #gratefulheart #lovequotes #lioninthestars

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